Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Will I have to pay to publish my book?
A) Not at all. The process is completely free.

Q) Is the editing process free? What is involved?
A) Completely free. It can be proofreading or structural editing, depending on the users need.

Q) If I want to make £0.99 per copy how much will I have to sell my book for?
If you want to make 99p per book sold, we would have to set your book at a price of £1.65 due to the fact Amazon take 30% and JSB will take 10%, leaving you with 60% of the profits. However many writers use the site to increase their fanbase and make their work available to a more widespread audience and sell their books for not much profit or for free.

Q) Who has publication rights if I want my book removed?
A) As soon as you ask your book to be removed, the publishing rights will be yours.

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