What We Do

Jed Samuel Books is a newly formed modern publishing company. There are a number of things we do at JSB to get you published and to help you succeed to your maximum ability.

To get your book published there are a number of steps which we will take with you here at JSB.

  • Firstly, you will need to submit your details and a book synopsis (Get Published)
  • We will then read through your synopsis and details
  • Then send us a copy of your book by email
  • We will read through your book, if you want, we'll help in the editing process, and send it back to you for the final read-through prior to publishing your book
  • We can also help you with creating a suitable book cover
  • We will publish your book onto Amazon Kindle Store, the biggest online eBook marketplace
  • Your work will be available to a more widespread audience and help you increase your fanbase
  • We will help promote your book in a number of different ways to help sell your book
  • You will receive the pre-agreed payment every time your book sells!
  • Your book will remain available to purchase unless you decide to have it removed
  • Depending on the success of your book there will be a possibility to publishing hardcopies of your book
  • And we will look forward to publishing more of your books
If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact us at jedsamuelbooks@gmail.com or ask a question via our FAQ page.

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