As part of our service, we promote all books that we publish in a number of ways. Some of these ways include:
  • Sending review copies to journals and magazines specific to your genre
  • Promote your book on our website in a number of ways
  • Offer sample chapters as free downloads on a number of different websites
  • Promote your book on 32 different websites
However we also encourage authors to also self-promote their work. There are a number of ways authors can self-promote their work, easily and for free:
  • Get friends, family and colleagues to buy/read your book and encourage them to write reviews for your book
  • Read and review other authors work and tell them about your book
  • Encourage questions and comments about your book
  • Write about your book in a blog/website
  • Contact your local newspaper and offer an interview for them to publish in their paper
  • Write a number of short stories that we can publish for free to increase your fan base

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