eBook Prices (Amazon)

There are many pros and cons for setting your book at certain prices; here is some information helping you decide what price to sell your book at -

£0.00-£0.77 - This price bracket is mainly for writers promoting their novels by publishing a number of short stories and getting a larger fan base. However any books are eligible for this price range.

£0.77-£1.48 - A small profit will be made in this price range, however for an unknown author it is hard to sell books at higher prices. If you are an unknown author, your main aim should be to find readers, not make money. There is also a change in the royalties in this price range. Amazon will receive 65%, JSB 10% and you will receive 25%.

£1.49+ - A larger profit will be made for this price range and it is suitable for writers with larger fanbases. It is also good for writers releasing sequels. For this price range, Amazon will receive 30%, JSB 15% and you will receive 55%.

JSBs choice - The last option for setting your price is to hand over the responsibility to JSB. JSB can help decide your price and change it when needed. For example lowering the price when sales are low and raising the price when sales are booming.

eBook Free Promotion

Every 90 days after your book is published we can promote your book as free for five days. This is very useful for new authors who want more readers and it also will help sell your book once your promotion period is over.

Paperback Prices

The royalty rates and prices for paperback books will vary from author to author. If we decide to publish your book on paperback we will have these discussions with you.

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